Saturday, August 6, 2016

2016 All-Star Fanfest Goodies Part 1 - Kris Bryant

Killing time a few weeks back waiting for an oil change I pulled up the eBay app and started running through a list of things I keep an eye out for. Tony Campana (still looking for the blue Prizm parallel from 2012. Anybody??). Cubs Desert Shield cards I still need. Ryne Sandberg stuff. The usual.

I've been more of a looky-loo the past couple of years but I did stumble across some cards that were exclusive to the All-Star FanFest this year. I'm a pretty patient buyer and most of the time that works out in my favor as prices drop over time. Sometimes it doesn't. (Seriously, doesn't anybody have a blue Prizm Campana?!)

I was eyeballing a few things and I think I managed to get some decent deals with combined or free shipping and lower prices after things settled down a little.

Today I have two Kris Bryant cards. It makes sense that he got a little love out there as he attended the University of San Diego as depicted on the card below.

I have no information on this card other than what you can see. No manufacturer, no copyrights or trademarks. It has USD logos, the All-Star FanFest logo and the back mentions the Cubs by name, but no logo. Anybody know anything more about how these were distributed?

The card above is part of a 6-card wrapper redemption from Topps. I believe you had to buy a couple of packs from their booth and you got one of these cards. The other five players were Bryce Harper, Buster Posey, Clayton Kershaw, Matt Kemp and Mike Trout. Not too often you see a West Coast bias. There was also a David Ortiz variation that was a MasterCard exclusive.

I've got a couple of more things that I'll save for another post early next week.


  1. Info on the Bryant USD card:

  2. Woah! Very cool pickups. That USD Bryant is an A+ oddball find.

  3. Huh. I haven't seen the FanFest stamp on the Bryant card before. Take a look at the one I have in my Bryant collection:
    I picked it up on Listia back in the day.

    1. Interesting they repurposed the card. Mine doesn't have the perforated edges either. Any idea how yours was distributed?

    2. I've only done a little research, but I think mine was from a panel of cards from an insert inside a UofSD baseball program/magazine/yearbook. I believe it was issued during Kris' college playing days.

    3. Shoot. Maybe I should get mine graded?