Saturday, September 29, 2012

Signature Saturday - Geovany Soto

Was going to write a congratulatory post directed towards Darwin Barney's record breaking errorless streak. That fell through so then I wrote a rant about the error and how it was just like the rest of the Cubs season. But, when I came back to it to publish it, I decided against it. 

So this is what you get a quick write-up on some Geovany Soto autographs. Vinnie from over on was offering to take cards for Rangers players when they were in his neck of the woods to play his hometown Mariners. His handling fee was acceptable to me so I reached out asking for help and he came through with this card for my 2012 custom team set. This brings the total count of different players signing their card in my set to 24.
2012 Custom Geovany Soto
This next 8x10 photo was sent in to a private signing Soto did, I think, before the 2011 season. It's a made-from-scratch-in-Photoshop photo made to look like the back of a jersey. You probably can't tell from the size of the photo but its incredibly detailed with a fabric texture background and stitching around the letters and numbers. Much cheaper than an actual jersey. I've also gotten one signed by Ernie Banks, Fergie Jenkins and Billy Williams. Eventually, I'll be getting them framed up and put up around the room.

Geovany Soto Jersey Back 8x10 (Original photo courtesy of Baseball Backs)

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  1. I like those jersey backs. Thanks for posting the link.