Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Something to look forward to...

About this time, there's something every Cubs fan is looking forward year's schedule! MLB released it this afternoon and there are a couple of games/series I'm already looking forward to.

April 1, 3-4: at Pittsburgh (3)July 2-4: at Oakland (3)
April 5-7: at Atlanta (3)July 5-7: PITTSBURGH (3)
April 8-10: MILWAUKEE (3)July 9-10: LOS ANGELES (AL, 2)
April 11-14: SAN FRANCISCO (4)July 11-14: ST. LOUIS (4)
April 16-18: TEXAS (3)July 16: All-Star Game in New York (NL)
April 19-21: at Milwaukee (3)July 19-21: at Colorado (3)
April 22-24: at Cincinnati (3)July 22-25: at Arizona (4)
April 25-28: at Miami (4)July 26-28: at San Francisco (3)
April 29-May 2: SAN DIEGO (4)July 29-31: MILWAUKEE (3)
May 3-5: CINCINNATI (3)August 1-4: LOS ANGELES (NL, 4)
May 7-8: ST. LOUIS (2)August 6-8: at Philadelphia (3)
May 10-12: at Washington (3)August 9-11: at St. Louis (3)
May 13-15: COLORADO (3)August 12-14: CINCINNATI (3)
May 17-19: NEW YORK (NL, 3)August 16-18: ST. LOUIS (3)
May 21-23: at Pittsburgh (3)August 19-22: WASHINGTON (4)
May 24-26: at Cincinnati (3)August 23-25: at San Diego (3)
May 27-28: at White Sox (2)August 26-28: at Los Angeles (NL, 3)
May 29-30: WHITE SOX (2)August 30-Sept. 1: PHILADELPHIA (3)
May 31-June 2: ARIZONA (3)September 2-4: MIAMI (3)
June 4-5: at Los Angeles (AL, 2)September 6-8: MILWAUKEE (3)
June 7-9: PITTSBURGH (3)September 9-11: at Cincinnati (3)
June 10-13: CINCINNATI (4)September 12-15: at Pittsburgh (4)
June 14-16: at New York (NL, 3)September 16-19: at Milwaukee (4)
June 17-20: at St. Louis (4)September 20-22: ATLANTA (3)
June 21-23: HOUSTON (3)September 23-25: PITTSBURGH (3)
June 25-27: at Milwaukee (3)September 27-29: at St. Louis (3)
June 28-30: at Seattle (3)

Right off the bat, opening day is in Pittsburgh. I live in Northern Virginia so that's not too bad of a hike. Not sure I'd be able to talk my wife into it, especially since it is during the week, but I'll keep it on my calendar. Because if the team is anything like this year's, that series might be the last time the Cubs are at .500.

In May, the Cubs come back to DC. With my autograph success at last week's game, I am chomping at the bit for this series. Its a weekend series with probable day games on Saturday and Sunday. That motivates me to start planning my 2013 custom team set!

In early August, the Cubs go to Philadelphia which is a bit closer than Pittsburgh but pretty rowdy. Not sure if I can/should take the kids to that one. Might have to play that one by ear depending on how well the team is doing.

Interleague play has the Cubs playing the American League West next year with series in Los Angeles (Angels), Oakland and Seattle as well as hosting the Astros (yeah!) and Rangers. Of course, this is in addition to their annual home and away series with the White Sox.

The last 6 weeks or so of the season brings home and away series against all four of the division rivals. I haven't looked at anybody else's schedule yet but hopefully next year we won't be the ones trying to play spoiler!

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  1. One of the many great days in baseball is the release of next year's schedule. Though nothing beats the best 5 words in the English language:

    "Pitchers and catchers report today".