Thursday, July 28, 2016

2016 Topps Throwback Thursday Sets 2 & 3

I've fallen behind on my posting again. There's plenty of stuff in the queue from my trip recap to a few oddball pickups to Wroad to Wrigley updates. And seeing as I was going to try to follow Topps' Throwback Thursday cards every week, I'm way behind on those. They are finishing up Week 7 and I've only shown Week 1.

Whoops. Well let's fix that with two weeks worth in one post. The numbering continues from Week 1 so Week 2 has cards 7-12. The 1958 design was chosen in honor of Roger Maris' rookie card and therefore also showcases six of MLB's power-hitting outfielders.

I thought Week 1's print run of 1,665 was pretty low in comparison to the Topps Now cards, but Week 2 saw a significant drop down to only 730 sets sold.

#7 Yoenis Cespedes
#8 Giancarlo Stanton
#9 Bryce Harper
Yes, this card marks Bryce Harper's second entry into a 2-week old, 12-card set.

#10 Carlos Beltran
#11 Nomar Mazara
Another cash grab for Topps, this power-hitting outfielder has 12 career home runs. Probably only 8-9 when the card was developed.

#12 Jose Bautista
As with Week 1, all of the backs are the same aside from player identification, including the spelling error of the name this week's set pays tribute to. Nice.

Aside from the obvious cash grab, the only other major complaint I've seen is that we already have Archives and Heritage for Topps to rehash old sets. That changed with the Week 3 card design which also went way back to 1958. This time however, the set was modeled after the 1958 Topps TV Westerns set. I know/knew absolutely nothing about this set so using the trusty Google machine, I found the Cardboard Connection set breakdown. How refreshing it is for Topps to reuse something that hasn't been done to death!

Topps went with a Flamethrower theme and Week 3's set features all pitchers.

#13 Nolan Ryan
#14 Clayton Kershaw
Clayton Kershaw gets his 2nd card in the thus far 18-card set. He also appeared on Card #3.
#15 Noah Syndergaard
#16 Jake Arrieta
#17 Stephen Strasburg
#18 Madison Bumgarner
Interesting player selection. Nolan Ryan? Check. That's probably my first thought when asked to come up with a flamethrower. The rest? Well, they arguably make up the top 5 starting pitchers in the Majors right now, certainly the National League. At the time the set came out a few weeks ago anyway. Arrieta has slumped a little. Kershaw is hurt. Strasburg was on the DL for a bit. Otherwise, a very All-Star worthy group of pitchers.

But flamethrowers? I don't know about that. Correct me if I'm wrong, but aside from Syndergaard, aren't these guys all low to mid 90's guys? Not that that is anything to sniff at but where's Aroldis Chapman? What about Mauricio Cabrera (the guy who dominates the fastest pitch chart when the Chapman Filter is in effect)?

I like the design, like the theme, but the player selection puts a little damper on it for me.

Next week, I'll have weeks 4 & 5 in an attempt to catch up even further. And with two repeats already (Harper and Kershaw), I'll also start a chart of players and teams represented.

I've got extras of everybody here except for the Nomar Mazara card so let me know if anything grabs your attention.


  1. i had not been paying attention to these, but i agree with you that it's nice of topps to use a non-baseball design from their past that we haven't seen before.

    i'd be interested in any dodger extras, such as kershaw. shoot me an email at gcrlATcomcastDOTnet and let me know what you might be looking for.

    1. I'll look to see what I have across all the weeks so far, inlcuding Topps Now and shoot you an email.

  2. You're right... with Heritage, Archives, and the occasional reprints (Berger's Best) why is Topps trying to sell these?

  3. Correct. Except for Ryan and Thor, what the hell is that list of flame throwers? Solely selected because of the teams represented and not the arm speed talent of the folks on the cards.

  4. This concept is certainly closer to it's potential when they reach back and pull out non-baseball sets. As has been said several times already, we already have plenty of sources for current stars on old baseball designs.

    1. I agree. Non baseball designs or oddballs and inserts are where this should go.

  5. If nothing else, the stock is the thickness everyone has been crying for--similar to the original Fan Favorites. And, as someone who thinks all the new card designs suck donkey balls, I don't mind that "there's already Heritage and Archives and reprints". There can never be too many old card designs for me--not when all the new ones suck donkey balls. But I am passing on this week's Star Wars cards. I saw those and was just like WTF. So no "complete" set for me.

    1. I saw those and was a little disappointed even though I'm a Star Wars fan too. But I believe they are a separate set since it is listed as Set 1 and have a new numbering sequence.