Thursday, April 27, 2017

ATCRCS - Jose Nunez

When I started this blog about 5 years ago, I was big into getting autographs, making my own cards and combining those two hobbies. Specifically for the Cubs, but also my local minor/major league teams. I figured that would be the niche for my blog, something to differentiate it from other Cubs blogs. I had a grandiose plan to make a custom card for every Cubs player and try to get it signed, even the short-timers like today's subject.

Over the years, I've stopped and restarted the project at various times. I dove back into "real" cards for a little bit and took a break altogether for about 18 months where I was just enjoying the Cubs success without feeling the need to collect everything (aside from Topps Now). And trying not to go broke in the process.

I mean, have you seen how much Cubs team sets are going for these days? I think I'll play the waiting game there for a bit and let things cool down. Plus, I think the other Cubs bloggers have showing off those cards all squared away.

So for the time being, my focus is drifting back to some of my side collections. Ivy cards and my customs. The tabs up top are current as of today, including photos of all of my signed ATCRCs. I was adding them as I did write-ups but I went ahead and just uploaded all of the photos. After some time off, I lost mental track of who I had already so its a handy reference for me, accessible anytime. I'll go back and do some write-ups eventually.

Anyway, today's former Cub is one that was the basis for the name of the blog. They don't have to be Cubs very long. Once a Cub, Always a Cub. Primarily "known" as a Blue Jay after spending 3 seasons with Toronto, Jose Nunez threw 60 2/3 innings across 21 appearances, including 10 starts for the 1990 Cubs.

Nunez got the win in his Cubs debut after starting the second game of a double header against the Phillies. His MLB career ended with his Cubs tenure, but he went on to have success in Taiwan, Japan and Korea. He won 22 games in 1993 with the Uni-President Lions, setting the Chinese Professional Baseball League record for Wins in a season. This has since been matched, but not beaten.

I had the opportunity to get my card signed via a private signing that was organized by a member of SCN. To my knowledge, Jose Nunez only has two cards from his time with the Cubs, including the high number card from 1990 Upper Deck below.

1990 Upper Deck #716 Jose Nunez
He also has one from the overpriced set known as Topps TV but I didn't have that one in my collection.

I don't have any particular memories of a Nunez game but he reminded me of a neighbor I had around the same time he was with the Cubs so he definitely sticks in my memory despite his short-timer status. Weird and random, I know.

Nunez was a pitching coach for the Dominican Summer League Brewers fairly recently but I can't find anything that says where he is this season.

Tomorrow is another Topps Now post looking back at last season but I wanted to break up those posts with something else in between. This card marks the 141st card in my ATCRCS collection. Officially, there have been 2,034 players suit up for the Cubs so I have a long way to go! 

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