Wednesday, July 17, 2013

I am so embarassed!!!

A while ago, I put out a call for readers to take my team lots. I was reorganizing, running out of room and just needed to get rid of stuff. I had sold some things on eBay at the time too because I was in a cleaning mood. I must have watched a Hoarders marathon or something!

Anyway, my wife, ever so helpful when it comes to me clearing out my stuff, offered to make a post office run for me while she was out running her other errands. I took her up on the offer and loaded up two of those reusable grocery bags into the trunk of her car and off she went.

Fast forward a week or so and I start receiving feedback through eBay. All is good. Then I realized I hadn't seen any writeups yet on the other blogs. Not every one I sent to has their own blog, so I chalked it up to those who did were as behind as I was. I had one person from eBay say they hadn't gotten their item yet. I apologized and sent a refund. It was a $2 card, no big deal.

A few days later, I saw a blog post. Whew. After that it was out of sight, out of mind. Until yesterday. As I mentioned Monday, we are preparing to leave on a trip and I went out to my wife's car to make sure the trunk had sufficient room for our luggage.

And there it was. The second reusable grocery bag, partially covered by the emergency blanket. Uh-oh. Sure enough, it was full of packages. Evidently, I did not clearly communicate that there were two bags, not just one. To those waiting, I sincerely apologize. I will really try to make a post office run before the trip but if not, they will be the first order of business when I return.


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  1. So that's where my Mantle rookie has been these past weeks. And I was blaming the mailman.