Thursday, July 3, 2014

2014 Opening Day Complete

Just kind of a quick throwaway post today because I’m trying to get caught up from my trip, both in and out of the hobby.

But before I get to the headline topic, please take a look at my other blog, the Horizontal Card Challenge. I’m looking for at least one more vote on today’s expiring challenge (the Athletics) as of right now, it is tied up! There can only be one!

Ok, as I said, kind of a throwaway, but I managed to finish up the 2014 Opening Day base set. A pair of sellers on Sportlots had combined shipping rates that agreed with my budget (up to four cards for a buck) so I picked up four cards from each of them.

They each had three Opening Day cards that I needed. I forget which trios were matched together after scanning them and am too lazy to look it up so here are all six.

Maybe I just haven’t figured it out yet, but finding a random card from the same seller can be kind of difficult on Sportlots. Is there a way to pull up a seller’s entire inventory or do you just have to keep trying different searches?

Anyway, that’s what I did, just started plugging in player names looking for something I didn’t have. Ryne Sandberg didn’t yield anything new from either seller, but I did get a match with Mark Grace.

1996 Topps Laser #23 Mark Grace

Unfortunately, the card wasn’t in great condition. I can’t tell if its chipping or discoloration but the laser cut portion is bad on both sides. Oh well. It'll probably go into the horizontal collection and I'll look for a better one for the Cubs collection.

1986 Donruss #76 Gary Matthews

The other seller seemed to have more older stuff so I went with this 1986 Donruss Gary Matthews. It couldn’t have been much worse than the one I still had from my childhood and it was better than I could have hoped after the Grace. Nice centering and sharp corners and edges. Nice!

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  1. I've had trouble trying to search by seller as well. I have the following link I use to help me out. After the = sign simply type in the handle of the seller.

    Good luck in the future!