Thursday, July 10, 2014

Gee Willikers, A Swell Package From P-Town Tom

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, I made a comment on one of Tom's posts (Waiting 'til Next Year) about taking any extra Cubs Swell cards off his hands after he found a box for cheap at a card show. I had completely forgotten about it until a few weeks ago when he posted again that he was doing a multiple box break of Swell cards.

For just a few bucks, including shipping, I got complete Cubs team sets of 1989, 1990 and 1991 Swell and 1990 Pacific Legends! Not to mention a few extras from those sets and another set that will get another post later.

I didn't have a single one of the six cards from 1989 Swell above. But where's Ernie Banks? Or Fergie Jenkins? Billy Williams looks a little lonely with his solitary Hall of Fame shield.

The Billy Williams was the only one in this group that I had previously from a lot I picked up a little while back. There's Ernie, but why is Robin Roberts here? He's a Hall of Famer for his 14 seasons with the Phillies not his 11 games with the Cubs. The sepia toned Billy Herman is a little out of place among the colorized photos but nice to see a new face. Still no Fergie?

Yay, finally a Fergie!The Don Kessinger was the only one I had in this group and one of my favorites with the ivy backdrop. Is Banks bunting or just really, really choking up on a two strike count? The Herman looks like a re-used, zoomed in version of the previous year's photo. Since they did go out of the color era with Billy Herman, it would have been nice to see some of the Hacks (Wilson or Stan), or maybe Phil Cavarretta.

This might be the first complete run of Cubs cards I have from one single brand and I did it in one fell swoop thanks to Tom!

I was a little surprised that the number of Cubs represented in 1990's Pacific Legends set only amounted to four. This must be the Pacific "Color Photo Era" Legends set. Either way, nice to have this set complete. I think my Don Kessinger collection may have doubled with this haul as I don't have much from his playing days.

Thanks again for the break, Tom!


  1. +25 internets for use of the phrase "gee willikers".

    1. But no Jedi points for use of the phrase a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away?

  2. I had oodles of fun breaking those boxes. The player selection was a little off at times, like the Robin Roberts you mentioned. And I did find that hey re-used many photos. Cy Young has a card in each Swell set, and each one is just a more zoomed in card than the previous one. No matter... cheap fun!

    Four complete team sets for about the price of value meal. Can't beat that. The other teams you signed up for were sent out yesterday... should hit by Saturday.