Friday, April 22, 2016

Congratulations Jake Arrieta!'s been a while since I last posted.

Even though I've still been reading blogs and commenting when I can, I lost a little of the passion when it came to blogging myself. It didn't help I wasn't adding much to my collection and what seemed like a unending offseason. But at the same time, it seems like just last week I was headed to the one game NL Wild Card Playoff game in Pittsburgh, which was the subject of my last post. Has it really been 6 months??? I'm going to have to dig through some photos and try to do a write up on that game soon. Also, some of you may remember, high school wrestling season in the winter is very busy for me.

When this blog was going strong, I was posting everyday. I don't think I have that in me anymore but when the baseball season rolls around, I always get the bug again to talk Cubs baseball. Last season I bought the MLB At Bat app the day Kris Bryant made his MLB debut and I haven't looked back. With fewer and fewer games being shown on WGN, it made sense for me to get it since the only blacked out games for me in Virginia are when they play the Nationals and Orioles. If they are that close, I'll be at the games. If they are playing those teams in Wrigley, they'll be on TV here.

This season, my subscription autorenewed. Not a big deal, I was going to get it anyway, but just thought I'd throw that out there for anyone considering it. It has allowed me to see most of every game so far this season and I don't think I've missed more than 3 innings of any one particular game yet.

It also let me watch my first no-hitter from start to finish. Jake Arrieta's second career no hitter last night was just the 3rd Cubs No-No in my lifetime and I don't watch a whole lot of non-Cubs baseball. So I usually get wind of one in the 5th or 6th inning and watch the end. I believe I tuned in to the Arrieta gem from last season around the third inning, before the no hitter watch had really started and that was the previous record for me. After it was over, I started it from the beginning through the replay feature on the app so that I watched the whole thing. Prior to that was Carlos Zambrano in 2008. I think I only saw the final inning of that one live.

But enough about me. Here are some of my favorites picture posts I saw last night after scrolling through some social media. 

Just a nice summary of how dominant Arrieta has been. He started 3 of the games I attended last season and his pregame warmup is hardcore. It would be unfair to see that kind of work ethic not pay the dividends it has.

I hadn't a heard a good Chuck Norris quote in a while. This one made me chuckle.

Nice tongue in cheek, positive spin by the Reds social media department. I mean with that line score, what else can you do but poke a little fun at yourself.

Haters gon hate.

I don't know what kind of punishment this random fan is going to get for rushing the field and jumping into the celebration, but man, what Cubs fan wouldn't want to be in that pile?! I'm not saying any ol' Cubs win would be worth a night in jail, a fine and maybe some community service, but this guy's 15 minutes of fame are probably totally worth it. Hopefully its not something too harsh like a Wrigley ban!

And that's just funny.

I've got a few more posts in the works and 20+ in the draft folder from before my hiatus so hopefully some of you former readers find your way back to me. 


  1. That last picture made me laugh out loud - looking forward to reading your work again!

  2. Love the Chuck Norris! Welcome back

  3. Great post . . . Cubs, Chuck Norris, Grumpy Cat... welcome back and Go Cubs!