Monday, May 22, 2017

ATCRCS - Rolando Roomes

I know, I know. I promised Page 2 of the Ivy Frankenset today but due to an unfortunate user error, I accidentally deleted the post while trying to edit it.

While I work on retyping that post, I'm dipping into the drafts folder for a quick post about the newest member to my ATCRCS set:

My memories about Rolando Roomes involve his baseball cards more so than any games he was involved in with the Cubs, just 16 at bats in 17 appearances in 1988. But I do remember him. My heyday for initially collecting cards was the mid-80's to early 90's and Roomes fell smack dab in the middle of that. The prospects card in 1989 Fleer he shares with Joe Girardi is probably his most notable as a Cub.

I didn't have the below card when it was released but picked it up at a card show a few years back. Notice the misspelled first name, both sides. No respect.

The signature on my ATCRCS card isn't terrible. You don't get every letter but it's not the chicken scratch you get from a lot of guys playing today. I think it kind of looks like Ballo Booms which sounds like a player I would have custom created in my video games back in the day.

Roomes marks the 142nd entry into the collection. At this rate, the Cubs are adding more players to their All-Time roster than I am to my collection. Time to step it up!

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  1. My card collecting era was also in this late 80's/eary 90's period (the absolute golden age of sports cards, when strip malls were popping up everywhere and all of them had a baseball card shop). For some reason, the guy at the baseball card shop insisted that Rolando Roomes Rookie Cards constituted a 'good investment' at $1 a piece so I bought 10. That was my first lesson in losing money on an investment.