Monday, May 8, 2017

This Time Last Year in Topps Now Part 5

This is part of an ongoing series looking back at the Cubs 2016 Championship season via the Topps Now set.

After last night's disappointing 18th-inning loss to the Yankees, today's card is a little bittersweet. I stayed up way too late for that kind of disappointment!

Not only did the loss finish up a three-game sweep, but it brought the Cubs 2017 record to a pretty mediocre 16-15. As you can see on the card below, last year at this point the Cubs were a remarkable 24-6! 

May 8th coincided with Mother's Day last year, hence all of the pink on the card.

The Cubs were down 3-1 to the Nationals when Kris Bryant tied it with a 2-RBI double in the 7th inning.

The Nationals had a runner in scoring position in the 10th, 12th and 13th innings but couldn't put it away.

The Cubs had two on with one out in the 10th but couldn't capitalize. Jason Heyward was thrown out at the plate trying to score from first on a Kris Bryant double in the 11th.

And then in the 13th...

I'll always take a four game sweep!

As this point. the Cubs have scored 28 runs fewer than last year and given up 60 more. So the bats haven't been as potent but obviously neither has their pitching. The good news is that the division isn't pulling away. While the Cubs had a 7.5 game lead at this point last year, they are only a game behind the Reds and half game behind the Cardinals. Still plenty of time to right the ship.

The Cubs got stiffed a Topps Now card the other day when they walked off the Phillies in extras (something Topps rarely misses) but somehow I doubt a Yankees extra inning victory will slip through the cracks. In terms of innings, this was the longest interleague game in MLB history.

Also of note in last night's game, the Cubs and Yankees set a combined record with 48 strikeouts, eclipsing the previous record of 43 set by the A's and Angels on July 9, 1971. I wonder if the Cubs/Yankees will split a Topps Now card in addition to the Yankees getting their own?

EDIT: Wow, I was half right. The Cubs/Yankees did get a split card but the Yankees didn't get a separate card of their own. Not only that but Kyle Schwarber got one for a catch he made in the 12th. Go figure.

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