Tuesday, May 23, 2017

How'd That Get There? Part 5

Another quick draft folder clearing post while I redo my Ivy Frankenset Page 2 post.

Every once in a while, I include "Cubs" cards in my collection that wouldn't necessarily be included in a stricter team collector's possession.

The other day when I posted my Cubs-Rockies Mashup Roster, I noted that Joe Girardi came to mind immediately for the catcher slot. When I did a search for cards of his scanned from my collection to use for that post, these two popped up.

Unlike the Mike Bielecki card from Part 4 of this series almost two years ago, I actually knew these were in my collection. As noted on the Donruss card, Joe Girardi was part of the Expansion Draft when the Rockies and Marlins came into the league.

While Topps and Score went with posed photos in the new Rockies uniform, Donruss and Fleer used action photos from his Cubs days. And because of that, despite the contrasting purple, these will stay in with my Cubs team sets.

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  1. A picture is worth a thousand words - so, I guess these are Cubs cards a thousand times over!