Thursday, June 26, 2014

How'd That Get There?! Part 4

With great big thanks to Paul from over at Wrigley Wax, I have been slowly but surely compiling my Cubs Haves and Want Lists based upon his personal collection checklist. You know, the one he uses to generate his 5 Random Cubs Cards on Sundays. Not only is his collection a dream, but his organizational skills are fantastic as well.

There are quite a few of his older posts that I have bookmarked and frequently reference. If Paul looks at the Wrigley Wax blogger statistics, he probably wonders why these old posts keep getting views. Sorry, that’s my fault! If I used Pinterest the way my wife does, it would be full of pinned Wrigley Wax posts.

This post from four years ago links to his Google doc checklist. And subtracting the number of Cubs cards quoted on that post from the number on his most recent 5 Random Cubs Cards this past Sunday, it was also more than 5,000 cards ago. Wowzers!

I have the file saved to my desktop and if it was a hard paper copy, it would be dog-eared! I think I have nudged him once or twice to update it with his most recent additions which he always graciously does.

Anywho, to make a short story long, the point of all this is that I was making my lists for Donruss a little while back and without the cards in front of me, came up with one more card than Paul had listed for the 1992 base team set. After cross referencing the lists, I discovered that I had a Mike Bielecki card that Paul didn't have on his list.

As an 18-game winner on the 1989 Boys of Zimmer team, I knew that Bielecki was certainly a Cub.

But after tracking down the card itself in my collection, I realized the mistake was mine and definitely not Paul’s. Take a look:

1992 Donruss #776 Mike Bielecki

Cubs uniform? Check.

 Wrigley Field (with ivy in the background)? Check.

 Team name? Check. Braves? D’oh!

I knew Bielecki had been traded to Atlanta but somewhere along the line, this card infiltrated my collection as an undercover Cub and managed to hide out for, probably, years.

But it’s a keeper. Allowing these exceptions might be the only way I catch Paul’s collection volume!

Thanks for keeping me on my toes, Paul!


  1. You had me going for a bit there, thinking that I was missing a card! I haven't seen that Bielecki card before.

    Glad to see my checklist is helpful.

  2. That card would fit in my collection. In fact, I may have that one as well. As long as it's a Cubs uni, the team doesn't matter. The ones that weird me out are the ones with different unis, but have the Cubs logo. I still keep those, though, they are just don't look right in the binder with Cubs, so they stay in a box with others like them.