Tuesday, June 3, 2014

How'd That Get There?! Part 3

Clearing out my draft folder again with just a quick post today.

As I was reorganizing my collection I came across a few cards that apparently, I didn't pay real close attention to when I them picked up. Upon closer inspection, they don't really belong in a team collection...but they do.

2006 Upper Deck UD Game Materials  #UD-CP Corey Patterson
I don't remember what I was thinking when I picked this card up but it was probably something along the lines of "Oh look, C-Patt in a Cubs jersey. And a nice blue pinstripe. I'll take it!" 

Maybe the orange hued background should have been the first clue, but if you look directly under the relic, you'll see that Patterson is noted as being a part of the Orioles. 


The Cubs traded Patterson to the Orioles before the 2006 season started but apparently Upper Deck still had Patterson Cubs jerseys to get rid of. Or the card was more or less made and at the last minute it was easier to just swap out the team name than scrap the card from the checklist. 

Whatever. I don't recall how or when this entered my Cubs collection but its there despite being an Orioles card on checklists.

The back is similar to the front but since it's black and white, the color Orioles logo sticks out more. Oh well, still happy to have it!


  1. To me, that's a Cubs card. I don't care what the team name says, it's obvious the swatch is northsider, and the picture is northsider, so it's not an Orioles card.

  2. If I pulled this card from a pack, I would definitely be more disappointed as an Orioles fan than a Cubs fan.