Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Take 'em

I added a couple of tabs to the top that all start with "Take 'em" followed by the name of a set. While going through my Craigslist pickup from a few weeks back, I found these little boxed sets.

They were pretty much as cherry picked as the bigger sets, although there are still a couple of big names. If I ever decide I need a complete set of these, it would probably be more cost effective to just buy a whole set rather than tracking down singles for the "stars" that were taken. So after doing a little more cherry picking myself of some Cubs I needed, I'm offering the rest up to you guys. Click on the tab for each set and I've got photos there for you. Claim some from your team or guys you like, I don't care. Just leave a comment on the respective pages and take 'em! If anybody wants the empty boxes, they're in prettyy good shape too.

Don't be shy. Who wouldn't want a rare Keith Hernandez sans mustache? Or maybe Orel Hershiser doing his best marionette impression?

Here are the Cubs that I kept. The Mark Grace was among the missing but these three Cubs were upgrades to the ones I had.

I already had all three of the Cubs from the 1990 set so these are available for the taking.

Last but not leas, Dr. K here will also stay with me as part of my Ivy Collection.


  1. I'll give you my wants for these soon

  2. Hershiser appears to be doing the clench-walk, when someone's waited too long to go to the bathroom and are afraid that if they try to walk normally they will soil themselves. Not that I've ever had to walk like that, of course. I am a responsible adult.