Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Backside Appreciation Part 8

Yesterday, I showed a couple of cards that arrived from JediJeff of 2x3 Heroes. Today, I'm flipping one of them over to appreciate its backside.

In 1988, Score debuted with full color head shots on the backs of their cards. The next year, Upper Deck had larger photos on the back, taking up about half of the space. In 1991, Fleer joined the backside game when they introduced Fleer Ultra, which had a head shot and two smaller action shots.

Fleer Ultra's sophomore release toned it back a bit with just one action shot and a head shot. Well, not necessarily a posed head shot as you can see above on Hector Villanueva's card. The cards I have seen include a chest-up shot, but some were posed while others were candid.

I don't know exactly what's going on in that photo, but to me, it looks like Villanueva is mid-yawn. He could be talking but whatever he's doing, it is not flattering. I mentioned yesterday that in 1991, Villanueva ranked second of five Cubs catchers in games played. You can see on the back of the card that he played in 71 games. And that's the best shot Fleer could find?

I've seen a couple episodes of a Fox show called Enlisted and that photo reminds me of one the characters, Chubowski.

The front of the card isn't too shabby with a pseudo-action shot. We've also got a camera shy umpire and a cross armed Cub in the background.

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