Thursday, June 5, 2014

Don Zimmer

A lot has already been said about Don Zimmer, both around the blogosphere and elsewhere in the media. I heard about it while watching last night's Cubs game. A game they came from behind to win.

Baseball doesn't get much better than when you're a 10 year old boy and for me, that was the Boys of Zimmer era of the Cubs. I raced home from school to watch them on WGN, hoping I hadn't already missed more than a couple of innings. And while the number of games have varied over the years, twenty five years later, I'm still following the Cubs on WGN from Virginia.

A lot of the teams could honor him (original Met, Rockies coach in expansion season, Yankees coach during Torre years, Brooklyn Dodger, 6xtime World Series champion as a player and coach, etc) and I'm hoping the Cubs do.

At a bare minimum, how about  patch? He wore #4 as a coach and manager with the Cubs. As a player, his one All-Star season came with the Cubs (wearing #17).

This is my most recent custom that I made of Zimmer, earlier this year and one of my favorites that I've ever made. This is exactly how I remember him.

Back in Spring Training of 2013, I got these ATCRCS cards signed with a little help from an SCN member. One as a manger and one as a player.

I was also able to get a Desert Shield card signed for my set. 

And before I was collecting signed cards, I was getting ice cream helmets signed by significant Cubs. This one got done at ne of the Sun Times shows I believe.

I also had this poster made that I never had printed. I'ts a little late now to get autographed but I think I will finally get it printed and have it displayed.

RIP Popeye


  1. Nice post. I always liked him and the 89 Cubs.

  2. Agreed. I would hope in the dismal year the Cubs are having, it would be nice if they would have a patch to remember one of the most recent better years the Cubs have had, the 1989 Boys of Zimmer.

  3. Stumbled across this today -- nice tribute and great artwork. Did that Boys of Zimmer poster ever get printed? I'd love to add an 8" x 10" to my Cubs wall!

    -RFBleachers from