Friday, June 27, 2014

Whoops and Some Pimpage

During my break from driving on Thursday, I was browsing blogger on my phone and accidentally deleted my Ivy Collection post I had scheduled for today. Meanwhile, I'm in Indiana and my backup is on my home computer in Virginia. Whoops.

Now that I'm in the hotel, I'm a bit tired to write something new. So in lieu of today's post, please take a few minutes to check out P-Town Tom's Group Break. Super cheap with lots of good teams with rich histories left. Thanks!

And if you have a few more minutes this weekend, please take a look at the Horizontal Card Challenge as well. I'm into the final few teams of the first round and by the time I'm back from my trip, it'll be time to declare winners and issue new challenges. There are a couple of match ups with ties so a few more votes wouldn't hurt.

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