Sunday, June 1, 2014

Playing with My (New) Cards

Last week I mentioned I was getting closer to completing the 2014 Opening Day base set. With Saturday's mail, I am even closer thanks to Ethan from over at Playing With My Cards. This 10-spot of cards brings me down to just six.

It's not often I ask for Cardinals cards, especially one featuring a Cubs double play, but these are the problems set collectors run into.

Wrapping up the package was this awesome trio of horizontal cards.

And if you too appreciate a good horizontal card, check out my new blog, The Horizontal Card Challenge. The welcome post gives you a quick breakdown and the first battle takes place tonight at 7 PM EST!

Thanks for the cards (and the segue) Ethan!

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  1. M... m... m... my Kuroda is y... y... y... your Kuroda.