Sunday, June 8, 2014

Backside Appreciation Part 7

During my collection organization, I've come across cards where the often under appreciated backside outshines the front. With this running series, I hope to right some of these injustices.

The above is my standard intro for this series but I'm not sure it applies today. The front of this card is fantastic. In fact, it will be featured on my other blog this evening when two Cubs face off. Cheap plug, I know, but check it out!

But this back is pretty solid as well. If the photo was on the front of the card, it would still be one of the top cards from the set.

1992 Upper Deck #373 Rick Wilkins

In 1991, when this photo was taken, Rick Wilkins was a rookie who split time with four other catchers (Hector Villanueva, Joe Girardi, Damon Berryhill and Erik Pappas). Here, we seeing Wilkins signing some autographs before a home game. The crop is a little on the tight side but the photo selection is perfect for the allotted space.

I also love the rolled up sleeves on the jean jacket of the guy in the background. Classic.

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  1. I lot of the UD's had at least as good a photo on the back as on the front.