Saturday, June 21, 2014

2014 Topps Factory Team Set - Braves

In Series One, the Atlanta Braves had nine different players appear on nine different cards but depending on your definition of a team set, you may only end up with seven cards in your hand collated team set if you’re not careful.

How is that possible?

For fans of teams like my Cubbies, you may only be familiar with “League Leader” cards in passing and they don’t always get included with team sets. The Braves managed to fill some spots on a pair of these such cards but since they don’t appear in the Factory Team Set, we’ll save them for the end.

Of the seven single-player base cards in Series One showing Braves players, six made the Factory Team Set.

Jason Heyward, Justin Upton, Andrelton Simmons

Julio Teheran, Mike Minor

Kris Medlen

These same six were all carried over into Opening Day in addition to four more players to create a 10-card team set for the Braves.

Freddie Freeman, Evan Gattis

Craig Kimbrel

Chris Johnson

There was a lot of duplication between Series One and Opening Day but we’re given six new player cards from the Factory Team Set along with the stadium card.

BJ Upton, Alex Wood, Ryan Doumit

Dan Uggla, Brandon Beachy, Joey Terdoslavich

Turner Field

As promised, here are the pair of League Leader cards that feature Freddie Freeman among the National League Leaders in RBIs and Batting Average. Chris Johnson also cracked the leaders in Batting Average.

Brian McCann was the lone representative of the Braves on single-player cards to be left out of Opening Day and the Factory Team Set. Why? Because he signed with the Yankees in the off season!

But Topps can’t leave out any Yankees, so of course he’s Photoshopped into Yankees gear for both OD and the Yankees Factory Team Sets. But you’ll have to wait until I do the Yankees to those.

Not every team can have back to back team record setting roster sizes like the Cubs, but of all the teams I've shown, the Braves have by far been the least varied team. If you bought a Factory team set (17 cards), Series One team set (7 cards w/o league leaders) and an Opening Day team set (10 cards), you would have 34 different cards.

But if you just wanted one card of each player, you’re looking at just 18 cards and could put that together with just the Factory Team Set and a Brian McCann card from Series One. That’s almost kind of boring from a team collector standpoint.

OK, 19 cards if you count the mascot!


  1. Thanks for the Braves Post, Becket also lists a variation for three of the base cards. 212a, 225a, 425a, not sure what the variation is though..????

    1. Heyward and Justin Upton both have "sparkle" variations and photo variations, I'm not sure about the one from Series 2.