Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Howard Johnson

On Monday I showed off one of my newer ATCRCS cards, Mick Kelleher and noted that I liked how he added #20, his jersey number that he only wore while with the Cubs.

Yesterday, I put up some cards of miscellaneous Mariners that I obtained with a little help from justgreg over on SCN.

Today, I am tying those both together (completely randomly) with a post about the Tacoma Rainiers hitting coach, Howard Johnson. He is currently the Assistant Hitting Coach for the Seattle Mariners which I think is just temporary since the Triple-A season is over.

To tie Ho-Jo to Kelleher, you'll note that Johnson also added his jersey number 20 to his autograph. The difference though is that Johnson wore #20, at least part of the time, with all four of the teams from his playing days (Tigers, Mets, Rockies & Cubs). He even wears #20 with the Rainiers. Unfortunately for him, Nick Franklin wears the number for the Mariners so he is currently sporting #10.

And the cards above and below were both obtained with help from justgreg. I even sent in a few extras of the ATCRCS card after Greg mentioned that Ho-Jo really liked them.

As a big Ryne Sandberg fan, I couldn't pass on the opportunity to get this card signed as well by co-super star, Johnson. The signature is a little more abbreviated on this one which is understandable due to getting only half the card. This goes into a ridiculously sized pile of stuff that I eventually would like to get signed by Ryno.

For a little more cheesy fun that I noticed while writing this post, what's 20x20? 400, you say? Well, this also happens to be my 400th post. Not exactly a milestone number, but everybody likes a nice round number, right?

Also, since it is Sandberg's birthday today, I thought it appropriate he makes a cameo in today's post!

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