Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Ian Stewart

I mentioned former Cubs third baseman Ian Stewart in passing last week when I was showing off some customs for my 2013 Cubs team set because one of the new guys, Cole Gillespie took over Stewart's #2 jersey. Despite making a couple appearances in the mainstream card sets as a Cub, Stewart didn't make an appearance this year for them.

I was able to knock Stewart off my list of set needs with a little help from a member on SCN. I sent in ATCRCS cards and 2012 team set cards for both Ian Stewart and Carlos Marmol to someone who was going to see the Albuquerque Isotopes, the LA Dodgers Triple-A affiliate. Unfortunately, by the time the deal was worked out and cards were shipped, Marmol was called back up to the Majors.

But the Stewarts came back pretty quickly, maybe a week and a half. And a good thing too because he was released shortly after.

I am a little annoyed that he signed his Isotopes #23 after his signature rather than his Cubs #2 but with the way he left the team, I'm probably lucky he signed anything affiliated with the Cubs to begin with. 

This puts me somewhere around 30 cards signed from the 2012 team set and 72 cards from the ATCRCS set.

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