Monday, September 16, 2013

Mick Kelleher

More than a year ago, I had a little help getting a couple of Topps cards signed by Mick Kelleher. He played for the Cubs from 1976-1980 but is currently the first base coach for the New York Yankees. I had sent an ATCRCS card with the Topps cards but it wasn't able to be signed. I wasn't sure if it was an unlicensed card or if maybe three was too many.

I guess I have my answer because this time around, it came back signed. Like last time, I really like that he signed it with the #20, his number with the Cubs. He didn't wear that number during his stints with other teams as a player and currently wears #50 with the Yankees. Always a nice touch.

I have recently crossed the 100 mark on my ATCRCS collection although this is only #76 that I've shown off. I will be making a serious TTM push in October to meet my resolution from the beginning of the year to hit 200. I believe I have enough of the cards made in Photoshop, I just have to actually print them out, assemble them, write the letters and get them in the mail. That's all, huh?

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