Monday, September 9, 2013

Jaime Navarro

Jaime Navarro came to the Cubs as a free agent in 1995 after spending the first 6 seasons of his career in Milwaukee. This was around the time my interest in baseball and collecting was becoming interrupted by other things (Ryne Sandberg retiring/unretiring, girls, high school) but I definitely remember Navarro with the team. At that time, Milwaukee was still an AL Central team so I didn't know much about them other Robin Yount and Paul Molitor. Maybe a little Gary Sheffield too from his 1989 Topps card but I was (and still am) a National League kid.

The Cubs weren't great during Navarro's two year stint with the team but he managed to lead the Cubs in wins both years with 15 and 14 wins respectively. Not exactly staff ace numbers but his combined 3.62 ERA was the best of his career when compared to his tenure with other teams.

Although primarily a starter, when he collected a Save with the Milwaukee Brewers early in his career, Navarro, along with his father Julio Navarro, became the first father-son combo to each record a Save. A few others have since matched that accomplishment including current Cubs relief pitcher James Russell with his father Jeff Russell.

Since retiring, Navarro has coached at various levels in the minors and is currently the bullpen coach for the Seattle Mariners. This card (not as dark as it scanned) was signed when I sent out a bunch of cards to be signed when the Cubs were in Seattle back in July.

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