Friday, January 31, 2014

Mark Grace

I don't know why Blogger isn't posting these right away. This was supposed to post yesterday and by the time I noticed, I decided to just save it for today. Maybe it was user error, wouldn't the first time. Anyway...

The other day when I showed off my Leon Durham additions, I alluded to his heir at first base. So today I have the Cubs second baseman from 1988-2000, Mark Grace.

I don't know where they rank in the grand scheme of things but my favorite double play combo of all time has to be Shawon Dunston-Ryne Sandberg-Mark Grace. They played together from the mid/late 1980s-early 1990s and were Boys of Zimmer teammates. It doesn't hurt that Grace led the league in hits for the entire decade of the 90's. 

I was disappointed when Gracie moved on to Arizona in 2001, but couldn't have been happier when he got his World Series ring later that year. The ATCRCS card above is from his younger days, while the color version below represents his more veteran status. 

These cards were signed with a little help from an SCN member during the Arizona Fall League where Grace was helping out.

The ATCRCS card was the 100th I received but is the 100th I've shown off. This puts me somewhere about 10-12% of living former/current Cubs. 


  1. Thanks!

    I think Grace worked his way back into the good graces (no pun intended) of the Dbacks after his DUIs and leaving the broadcast booth and signed on to be a minor league coach with them.

    1. Grace is listed on the Hillsboro Hops as their batting coach, although they have a hitting coach too?

    2. Thanks. Starting at the bottom worked for his teammate, Ryno. I wish him well.