Monday, January 27, 2014

Men in Blue

Quite a few years ago, I picked up an old 45 record. I don't even recall the circumstances. It may have been a card show, but it may have also been a flea market. Whatever the case, during my big reorganization in 2013, I came across it again and moved it into it's rightful spot in my Cubs collection.

I'm almost positive that I don't have anything in my house that can even play a 45. I had a couple of records growing up but mostly cassette tapes. And by the time I was in middle school, CDs were the next big thing. Now, with my trusty mp3 player, I can't even tell you the last time I listened to a CD.

But thanks to good ol' youtube, I can transport myself back to the mid 1980's when this song would have been all the rage:

It wouldn't have won any Grammy Awards but its got a nice, catchy upbeat tempo. And not only is the song about the Cubs, but it was performed by some Cubs. These five Cubs from the 1984 team to be precise:

And aside from just being awesome that 30 years ago these guys put out a cheesy song, I'm bringing this up because I recently sent my copy of the album in for a signing with Leon Durham. I haven't been able to find an album cover, but I hope to get all five to sign it and maybe frame it up with the cards above or some kind of photo.

The signature bled a little into the grooves but I'm still pretty pleased with how it came out. And still plenty of room for the other four signatures.

I did not scan the reverse side but it has another song called Good Ol' Time Tonight, by the same five Cubs. I couldn't find it on youtube, so without a record player, it will remain a mystery!

And as you might imagine, I sent in a few cards for Durham, too, so you'll see those tomorrow.


  1. Go hit your local used record shop - see if they can play it for you.

    1. Good suggestion. I've got a buddy that transfers records and cassette to mp3s but I didn't think about it until after I had gotten it back signed. To play that song, I'd have to flip the autographed side down.

      They're not too expensive on eBay. Maybe I'll pick a second copy up and get it transferred.

  2. I never heard that song before. Pure Gold.

  3. Unfortunately Gary Woods passed this year...