Friday, May 13, 2016

Cubs Trip 2.0 (You're Invited!)

Alright Cubs fans, let me hear ya....

A one

A two

A three

Take me out the baaaaaalllgame.....

I'm a little late in the game this year to start planning because I wasn't sure I wanted to do a trip again. I mean, how can I top last year's?!

But then I got to thinking. How can I not go to Wrigley the season they finally put it all together and make a run? Sure, I'll be taking in the games when they come to DC next month. And probably a few in Pittsburgh again. But it's Wrigley we're talking about!

I figure my route will be similar to last year although I'll cut out Iowa and Myrtle Beach. Not that they weren't fun ballparks, but that added a lot to my driving.

The South Bend Cubs have a home series July 1-3.

The Chicago Cubs have home games and giveaways July 4-7. (4-6th Reds, 7th Braves)

The Tennessee Smokies have a home games July 4-13.

What I am leaning towards is South Bend on the 3rd, find some place cool in or around Chicago for the 4th of July, Cubs games on the 5th, 6th and 7th, Tenessee Smokies games on the 8th, maybe 9th and home on the 9th or 10th.

July 5th is an Anthony Rizzo Tarp Catch Bobblehead giveaway (I'm looking at you P-Town Tom). July 6th is a replica 1916 throwback jersey giveaway. July 7th is a Ron Santo Replica Statue giveaway.

I'm still trying to work out some details but I thought it would be fun to invite and meet some of you guys that are local to the area. Anybody up for a blogger day at the park? I know that the holiday may throw a wrench into it for some of you but hopefully some midweek games are do-able. Maybe swap some cards?

I will probably bring my two teenage sons and maybe my dad so your families are welcome too.

Let me know what you think!

EDIT: It has been brought to my attention that the White Sox are hosting the Yankees from the 4-6 of July as well. While I would prefer to pick up the Cubs giveaway, I wouldn't mind taking in a day/night Cubs/White Sox doubleheader!


  1. I'll be at the first two games when the Cubs play in DC, we should set something up!

  2. I'll be at the first two games when the Cubs play in DC, we should set something up!

  3. Awesome, go for the Rizzo bobblehead !

  4. Oh, boy! This sounds fun, but I'll need to take a look at the calendar and see if/when I can get away. I've bookmarked this blog post and I will be in touch!