Sunday, May 22, 2016

Repack Sunday

Like a couple of weeks ago, I picked up another repack box from Five Below.

I didn't take a photo but I really like the plastic boxes these come in as it gives me a place to store some cards while they are in limbo, whether its for sorting, scanning, filing or what have you. Much better than random stacks laying about. A few more of these and I'll be somewhere between having an actual system and the slippery slope to hoarding, haha.

As usual, I like to throw out a few superlatives when breaking these down. But before I get to those, let's take a look at the package guarantees.

Last time I ended with the Chipz so let's start there. Not a bad one to get, although I really haven't heard much of him lately.

With a card from each of the past 5 decades, there was one lone representative from the 70's, and barely at that. Matt Keough could have also appeared in a future/former Cub category.

In terms of Hall of Famers, it was a Pudge hot box!

And a George Brett

Two others will appear later in the post but they fall into other niches. I guess the next two cards qualify as one of the Rookies in the box? Thank goodness cards these days have the rookie designation on the front. Along with the other two HOFers, one more rookie shows up later in a niche collection.

As far as repacks go, this one served its purpose for a stroll down memory lane. Lots of guys that I'm calling Hall of Pretty Gooders. (AKA guys I would have had in my binder back in the 80's/90's because they were actually listed in Beckett as stars or semistars but didn't quite put up HOF numbers)

The Studio Von Hayes might be one of my favorites. I like the semi-action shot in the background combined with the posed studio shot. Now I feel like digging through my cards to see what the Cubs versions look like because I'm drawing a blank.

Speaking of Cubs, there were also quite a few former/future Cubs to join that Matt Keough towards the top.

Dave Kingman and Alan Trammell douple dip as Hall of Pretty Gooders and former/future Cubs.

And let's not forget the actual Cubs from the box. The Andre Dawson was one of the remaining HOFers I mentioned and stays in my collection as an upgrade to to my original copy. Bonus!

Other additions to the collection are an early season Ivy card of Andy Ashby

And a bunch of horizontal cards

The other rookie card

Cardinal with a former Cub cameo
And this 1989 Fleer is actually a triple dipper. Horizontal, Hall of Pretty Gooder & a Hall of Famer.

The two packs included with this repack were the same as last time, a 2015 Topps Series One and a Triple Play. I guess I didn't scan any of the Triple Ply as here's nothing in my scan folder. But the Topps pack had a few scan-worthy cards. Two horizontals, a future Cub, a current Cub and an insert.

I don't know why, but these always seem more fun to open than recap. Either way, I'm going to keep doing them as $5 is a palatable price for some weekend entertainment. And as you can see by the scans, there is a lot of variety in years/sets used even if it is mostly junk wax.

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  1. Jack White is one scary looking dude. Keep those repack recaps coming, because they make for some super lazy Sunday reading.