Sunday, May 29, 2016

Repack Sunday

It's Sunday, which means another repack box. I don't get out of my shopping comfort zone very often, so another one from Five Below it is.

Let's start with a look at the package guarantees.

One of these days I'll look more into these Chipz. I don't have Cubs. Previously, I have pulled a red one and a white one. Today's chip is blue. Are they parallels or or just randomly different colors?

Like last week's repack, the sole representative from the 1970's was also a former/future Cubs player. Larry Gura was drafted by the Cubs in 1969, made his debut in 1970 and spent parts of four seasons with the Cubs before short term stops in the Rangers and Yankees organizations. The bulk of his career was spent in Kansas City before returning for a partial final season with the Cubs in 1985.

I only had Tony Gwynn set aside for the Hall of Famer(s) guaranteed in the box because I had the Ryne Sandberg cards grouped with the Cubs. I think Gwynn can share the spotlight though as there were a couple of Cubs cards coming up later. Ozzie Smith also makes an appearance.

There were three cards designated as rookies in the box but this Josh Satin was the only one that doesn't fit another category later.

With the guarantees out of the way, let's see what else was in the miscellaneous cards that caught my attention. I like to show guys that I call Hall of Pretty Gooders. Guys that ended up in my binders 25 years ago but didn't find way to Cooperstown. Today's repack was very pitcher-centric.

Surprisingly, to me anyway, Dave Stieb was the only non 20-game winner in the group. He had several really good seasons but topped out at 18 wins (also hitting 17 three times though). Former Cub Mike Krukow makes an appearance too.

Speaking of Cubs, here are the rest of the former/future Cubs:

I'm too lazy to look now, but Billy Hatcher and Chris Speier were at one point coaches together with the Reds. Not sure if they still are. Speier's son also had a very brief stint with the Cubs.

Taylor Teagarden is a free agent with a looming PED suspension. Joe Carter could have fit into the Hall of Pretty Good category but since he wasn't a pitcher, he goes with the former Cubs. And the Casey McGehee card would fit into anybody's donut/on deck circle collection. (See yesterday's post about niches/mini collections as its going into a pile).

And let's not forget the actual Cubs from the box. 

Joining the Sandberg cards above, you can never go wrong with these two fan favorites from my youth, even with that pesky "Now with Braves" designation. One more player shows up later in one of the packs.

Anybody collect non-autographed autograph cards? If so, check my post from yesterday.

No luck with adding an Ivy card this go around but there plenty of horizontals.

This Ryan Zimmerman is an insert and uses his initials instead of giving it a card number so it goes into the horizontal collection but won't make the Frankenset.

A nice group celebration shot with cameos by former Cub Rafael Palemiro and Hall of Famer Cal Ripken.

Drew Pomeranz is having a pretty good season with the Padres this year. He's currently 2nd in the NL with a 1.70 ERA despite a 4-4 record.

Here is third and final of the aforementioned rookie cards and the first of three plays at the plate. Well, there doesn't appear to be an actual play here but the next two have one.

One for the catcher and... for the runner.

Not much to say about Yankees and Cardinals cards other than....meh. I guess the Wellemeyer counts as a former Cub.

The two unopened packs were from 2014 Topps Update and some recent year of Triple Play (they blend together for me.

An insert and a bunting card (again, check out my post from yesterday).

And a Starlin Castro sticker out of Triple Play.

I did pick up a second repack while I was there for next week. After that one, I'm going to look around for a different kind, just to freshen things up a bit.

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  1. Josh Satin fits in my Jewish athletes category. Now I wish I knew if I owned any of his cards.