Tuesday, June 21, 2016

2016 Wacky Packages - Cubs

I'll be honest, I don't know a whole lot about the Wacky Packages series. I've seen some here and there on other blogs but never really thought much about them other than maybe a quick chuckle at a bad pun. They seem to be in the same vein as Garbage Pail Kids, humorous (often times crude) stickers, but with a focus on products rather than people's names. But I guess the MLB tie-in is new this year?

When I was searching for Myrtle Beach Pelicans Pro Debut stuff a few weeks backs, the following sticker kept showing up:

A quick search led me to a checklist showing a 90 sticker base set with each MLB team getting two. The remaining 30 stickers are made up of subsets that include MLB Events (x5), select Minor League teams (x15), and ballpark foods (x10). The Pelicans sticker obviously falls under the selection of Minor League teams.

There are also relics (stadium seats and ticket stubs), a few autographs (x5 players and x5 mascots), sketch cards and of course, numerous parallels of the base cards.

The stickers also appear to form a 9-piece puzzle with the backs that depicts some of the base cards. With a 90-sticker set, I'm guessing there are 10 different puzzle designs? Can anybody corroborate that?

As luck would have it, I was looking to maximize shipping a couple of weeks ago with a Sportslot seller that happened to have a bunch of these Wacky Packages stickers. So for 18¢ apiece and no extra shipping, I went ahead and picked up the Pelicans card and the two Cubs cards.

Unfortunately, these two sticker backs are part of the dreaded Cardinals puzzle (card #13 Cardinals Eggs).

I did see a couple of full Cubs puzzles for sale on eBay but did not pick them up. Its not high on my list of priorities but it would look good in a binder if I do eventually pull the trigger. I borrowed the image below form one of the auction listings.

The Cubs also have a Clark (Mascot) autograph and a ticket stub relic. Seeing as I already have the Clark autograph from Opening Day and the ticket stub relics and sketch cards are currently $50+, I won't be adding either of those for quite some time, if at all.

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