Sunday, June 19, 2016

Blaster Sunday (2015 Stadium Club)

We interrupt your regularly scheduled Repack Sunday to open up an actual blaster. It's been awhile since I've ripped one as I usually don't feel like I get my money's worth. I enjoyed busting packs but almost immediately have buyer's remorse. Meanwhile, I've had an absolute crush on Stadium Club since it reemerged in 2014.

So when an unrelated Target run turns up a discounted blaster from last year, what's a guy to do?

Especially when they slap the sale sticker right over the face of dumb ol' Clayton Kershaw. Really, I have nothing against the guy except that he's trying to steal the spotlight again from Jake Arrieta.

Speaking of which, that's what this South Sider is trying to do too! He's off to a hot start himself.

Eight packs, 40 cards. Oops, sorry. 7 packs and 1 Bonus pack.

I pulled two of the Gold Foil Parallels but nothing else insert-wise. You know your set is beautiful when that doesn't even matter to me. I ended up scanning more than half of the cards. I'd love the whole set but a hobby box doesn't even get you anywhere near that and prices haven't significantly dropped. Guess I'm not the only one who likes it.

They scan nicely. The photo selection is some of the best I've seen, although the cropping on some could use some tweaking. That El Duque card is darn near perfect, but Mo lost part of his glove.

Lots of horizontal love too.

Max Scherzer did a number on the Cubs last week but that still doesn't make me hate this card! A signature would really pop.

I wouldn't say I'm a Joe Panik fan or have a PC of him or anything, but I always notice when I pull his cards ever since my Panik hot box of Pro Debut a few years back. Good to see he's panned out.

Along with that horizontal Paul Molitor and Whitey Ford, there were a couple of other quirky Hall of Fame photos, these of the vertical variety.

A pair of future Cubs. It usually takes a bit for me to warm up to the free agent acquisitions but Ben Zobrist has really grown on me. He kind of got lost on me over in the American League but wow, what a pick up. Jason Heyward's bat hasn't had as much of an impact as his glove yet but I'm looking forward to it catching up.

Ryne Sandberg was the only card I already owned because I had picked one up in a Sportslot order a little while back trying to maximize shipping. But I'm not going to complain about extras from this set, especially of my favorite player!

As I mentioned, I pulled two of the Gold Foil parallels. The reigning AL Cy Young Award winner and a horizontal card of Edwin Encarnacion signing autographs. Pretty snazzy.

This will probably be my last card purchase for a few weeks as I'm trying to save for the upcoming road trip, but what away to go out. Simple, easy on the eyes set.

Happy Father's Day!

Also, I think I found where P-Town Tom has been releasing his chipmunks!

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  1. Shhhhh! You weren't supposed to say anything about where I'm dumping my chipmunks!

    Stadium Club was my favorite set of last year and I've been waiting for prices to come down so I can do a set build... which just isn't happening. I'm hoping to see pics soon of the 2016 design, because if it's sleek, then I'm going all in. If not, I'll go back and work on 2015.