Sunday, June 12, 2016

Repack Sunday

Today's repack was scheduled for last week but user error didn't get it published right, so here it is today.

Let's start with a look at the package guarantees.

Another one of these Chipz and I still haven't looked into them more. Red, white and blue ones so far.

Three weeks posts in a row, the oldest card in the box has Cubs ties. What a fantastic card though! Does Oscar Gamble have a bad card?

Quite a few Hall of Famers this time around. Looks like Rickey agrees that Rickey is the Best Baserunner.

A pair of Donruss Rated Rookies wraps up the repack guarantees.

And then there are the other cards that caught my attention. I like to show guys that I call Hall of Pretty Gooders. Guys that ended up in my binders 25 years ago but didn't find way to Cooperstown.

Eight Hall of Pretty Gooders on six cards is a Hall of Fame ratio. The only Cubs tie is on the Tigers Leaders card in coach and 4-game manager Alan Trammell. He filled in for Lou Piniella while he served a suspension in 2007.

Speaking of Cubs, here are the rest of the former/future Cubs:

Some nice set variety with Score, Topps, Donruss and Stadium Club. Unfortunately, all of these guys are better known for their time with teams other than the Cubs.

And let's not forget the actual Cubs from the box. 

All dupes here, but the Paul Assenmacher is an upgrade and the Kerry Wood gets a temporary spot in the Ivy Frankenset until a non-Cubs card with that number shows up.

Other cards of note among the miscellaneous:

It's still crazy to think Fernando Tatis hit two grand slams in the same inning. And the Tim Wallach goes into a growing stack for a certain Wallach collector that will eventually get sent off.

The shiny Clayton Kershaw was one of two cards showing on the outside of the repack and the reason I picked that one over the others on the shelf. One of the Dodger collectors would probably appreciate it more, no? And the bunting Juan Pierre will make is already on its way to a certain South Side fan.

A pair of horizontals from the miscellaneous pile. The 1997 Topps set was during my first collecting hiatus but I've come across several nice cards from this set. I might have to investigate further.

And once again, the two unopened packs were from 2014 Topps Update and some recent year of Triple Play (they blend together for me).

Meh on the Triple Play but a pair of horizontals from the Topps Update. One a nice catcher action shot of a former Cub...

...and another of a numbered Camo parallel. Despite being a horizontal card, it can find a new home if anybody wants it. Maybe package it up with the shiny Kershaw?

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