Friday, April 20, 2012

2012 Gypsy Queen 2-Box Break Inserts

While we wait for the videos to upload, here are the scans for some of the various inserts. I rushed the scanning job so please forgive the tilted cards and cropping.

First off we have the Sliding Stars inserts. They were 1:3 packs so I have 8 from each box, 16 total. I liked these cards because of the great action shots.

Reyes, Kemp, Weeks, Kinsler

Castro, Andrus, Gordon, Braun
Another Gordon & Braun, Granderson, Ellsbury
Morgan, Jeter, Pedroia, McCutchen

Next are the Moonshots which were also 1:3 for a total of 16. They didn't do a good job collating these as I got several duplicates. The edges on these cards aren't great either, probably because f the darker color.

Belle, Cruz, Granderson Jackson
Mays, Robinson, Thomas, Thome
Fielder, Howard, Jackson, Longoria
Pujols, Robinson, Thomas, Thome

Glove Stories were 1:6 and I ended up with the proper amount of 8 between the 2 boxes. I liked this insert too because they pinned down to the photo to an actual event and described it on the back. A couple of duplicates here too though.

Francoeur, Mays, Revere, Wise
Jeter, Mays, Robinson, Wise

Next are the numbered parallels.
First box: Lind Mini Sepia #90/99, Frank Robinson Blue Paper Frame #576/599
Box # 2: Hunter Pence Mini Sepia #45/99, Nelson Cruz Blue Paper Frame #408/599, Jacoby Ellsbury Blue Paper Frame #049/599

I will post the minis later but for now here are the hits you've been waiting for:
Box 1:
Framed Mini Relic from Freese, Cardinals and a Steve Garvey, Dodgers Jersey
Box 2:
Pettitte Jersey, Yankees & McCutchen Jersey, Pirates

And for autographs...
Box 1
Belt, Giants & Escobar, Royals
Box 2
Nate Eovaldi, Dodgers & Joe Benson of the Twins

But wait....there's more!

There were 2 other big hits in the first box. The first is a Gypsy King Autographed card of King Pavlov. I have no idea who he is/was or who even signed the card. There are a couple on eBay right now but none have sold. I saw they are limited to 100 but there is no numbering on the card itself. Each team will be put into a randomizer for a chance at this card. And last but not least is a mini Framed Moonshots 1/1 Yellow Printing Plate of Jose Bautista, Blue Jays. The card itself would have been pretty rare as the Mini Moonshots are only 1 per hobby box and there are 20 subjects but I'm sure this 1/1 will make Josh pretty happy.

Like I said, minis will come later. I've been at this for hours and need a little break. Thanks to all the participants!

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