Monday, April 30, 2012

Ice Cream Helmets

Because of the box break I did recently, I didn't really send out any autograph requests or make any purchases to showcase on this Mailday Monday. Instead, I'll show off one of my Cubs sub-collections.

Last year at a card show, I came across a table with a whole bunch of these ice cream sundae helmets. I scooped up what he had for the Cubs with no real plan for them although I've been slowly getting them autographed.

Below are 11 of the helmets that I have gotten signed so far. Some are pretty legible but others are a little tougher so let's see how well everybody knows their Cubs autographs. Leave guesses as a comment.

A.B. C.

D. E. F.

G.  H. I.

J. K.


  1. A. Jody Davis
    B. Ivan DeJesus?
    C. Bobby Dernier
    D. Leon Durham
    E. Don Kessinger
    F. Bill Madlock
    G. Gary Mathews
    H. ?????
    I. Steve Stone
    J. Jerome Walton
    K. Don Zimmer

    1. Nice job! I thought Ivan DeJesus and Gary Matthews would be the trouble makers in the group but you nailed it. The signature on Helmet H belongs to Rafael Palmeiro.

  2. What a great idea to get them signed! Pretty cool collection there!

    1. Thanks! Another nice thing about them is that since they're considered cheapy items, it generally doesn't cost as much to get signed as a regular helmet or even a normal mini helmet. And they're small so I can fit a bunch into a smaller space.