Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tab Tuesday

Since I scheduled Tuesdays to be Tab Tuesdays, I figured I should make some tabs! Now located under my header, these tabs will take you to different parts of my collection. I've rolled out a few now and will update the content in addition to more tabs as time goes by. Here's a breakdown of what is there now.

1991 Topps Cubs Team Set (Desert Shield) - Seems pretty self explanatory. Looking to complete this team set. Any help appreciated.

Tony Campana PC - Campana is in a close race for my favorite current Cubs player. Details of my PC. Since he has the smaller checklist, he gets the nod for this week's tab while the other player will be featured as soon as I get a decent checklist made up.

Trade List - Nothing there yet but hope to have something up in time for Trade List Thursday!

Want List - Just a few things listed to get started. As I organize my collection more, this list will unfortunately grow.

And if you don't want to browse those tabs, here's a new ATCRCS for your viewing pleasure:

Stay tuned for much more on Walton tomorrow!

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