Saturday, May 5, 2012

Signature Saturday - Dennis Lamp

A couple months ago a private signing with Dennis Lamp was announced on When I looked him up on the site, I saw he was not very reliable at all with autographs sent to his address, so I knew I would participate in the signing at least for the ATCRCS. I decided to see what else I had for him and after finding 7 mainstream cards of Lamp as a Cub, I worked out a small bulk discount. By now, you've seen the unsigned version of the ATCRCS in my header photo but here is the signed version:

Here are his 4 Topps cards (1978, 1979, 1980, 1981):

1981 Donruss & 1981 Fleer:

And aside from my own creation, this is my personal favorite that just screams 70's. This card was originally part of a full sheet of Cubs and somebody along the way miscut it but how could I pass on this card? Here is a 1978 SSPC card:

If you're a little tired of Dennis Lamp now, this is all I have of him. But hopefully you guys love Lamp as much as Brick Tamland:

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