Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sandberg Sunday - Unique Autographs

One of the things I love about this hobby is that while we all love the game, our collections are all so different. While I have a general disdain for things that are 1/1 like the card I featured last week on Sandberg Sunday, I do enjoy unique collectibles. The items below are not necessarily unique on their own merit, but I think you will not see very many of them autographed.

Last week, I shared some of the ice cream helmets I had gotten signed. Once I started those, I came up with the idea to get a Sandberg signed ice cream helmet for all the teams he has played for and managed. Not including his minor league playing days or injury rehab games in 1993, that means the Phillies, Cubs, Peoria Chiefs, Tennessee Smokies, Iowa Cubs and Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs. I took somebody up on their offer to get two of them signed for me as they regularly 'graph in Lehigh Valley. I sent the Cubs helmet and he picked up the Iron Pigs one for me.

I do wish they had been signed across the bill of the helmet so you can see the team better like my other ones but I do appreciate the effort. I have an unsigned Iowa Cubs and Philadelphia Phillies ice cream helmet but am on the lookout for an unsigned Chiefs or Smokies helmet if anybody has/sees one.

Lastly, I have had this Starting Lineup Figure since it came out in the early 1990's. When I was looking through my stuff to get autographed I was looking for uniqueness and displayability. I really like the newer McFarlane figures but when you get the base signed, they have to be on a shelf lower than the eye to see the autograph. With this Headline Collection version of the Starting Lineup that celebrates Sandberg's errorless streak, I can display it on any shelf.

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