Friday, May 25, 2012

It's Going to be an Archives Weekend!

I didn't get a chance to finish up a new card for First Pitch Friday this week so I'm going to talk a little about the Archives case I'll be breaking this weekend. It was waiting for me when I came home from work on Thursday. Even though they aren't all mine, this is my largest purchase of cards (dollar wise) so bear with me while I bask in its glory. Kind of plain from the outside, no logos or branding anywhere on the box. This is the most informative side:

Unfortunately, due to a Little League game Thursday evening, work Friday and another Little League game Friday night, I won't be able to actually open anything until Saturday morning. That's right, all these unopened baseball cards just sitting there waiting for me. Going to make for a loooong day at work.

I did open the case and snap a few pictures of the boxes from different angles.




The case contains 10 hobby boxes. Each hobby box contains 24 packs with 8 cards in each pack. These packs, with average collation, should yield 20 Fan Favorites Autographs, 30 1967 Topps Stickers, 30 1968 Topps 3D cards, 20 Deckle Edge cards, 40 Topps Cloth cards and 60 Topps Reprint cards. There is also the possibility of pulling some 1/1 printing plates and various prizes from the Topps Vault.

Good luck to everybody participating! Check back on Saturday (probably several updates over the course of the day) for video links to the break and scans of the hits! Check back on Sunday for a statistical analysis of the collation as I compare what I actually pull to the average collation listed above. My regularly scheduled weekend posts (First Pitch Friday, Signature Saturday and Sandberg Sunday) will return next weekend. Thanks for indulging me!

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