Wednesday, May 30, 2012

5 Pack of ATCRCS

It's been less than a week since I did a non-Archives post but it feels like a month. What a long week! The packages are out and once I update my Want and Trade Lists, I'll be done with it. Hopefully both lists will be updated for tomorrow's post.

I'm going to post a few of the ATCRCS cards I have posted over on Facebook in the last week or so for those who haven't been clicking the link at the bottom of my posts. I thought posting on Facebook would be a fun way to interact with more collectors but it hasn't gone very well. Is anybody even clicking over? Does anybody miss seeing the backs?

I know it is a pretty specific niche but now I have to decide whether to hold a contest to drum up some readers/followers or just abandon ship. I can take it or leave it, just some thing I thought would be some good cross-promotion. Should I make a separate post later in the day to feature the ATCRCS card of the day? Thoughts?

I realized I was posting a lot of newer guys, 1980's-present, so I'll try to work on adding some of older guys.

Vance Law, the Long Arm of the Law

Doug Dascenzo, Outfielder and Emergency Backup Pitcher

Ralph Kiner, Hall of Famer...for the Pirates.

Joe Garagiola...from the Today Show?

Hobie Landrith, journeyman Catcher spent one season with the Cubs.

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  1. I think the ATCRCS are cool (had to dig back to the beginning of your blog to figure out what that acronym stood for), and I liked checking them out on the blog. I wish I had the capabilities of doing something cool like that. Not being a Cubs fan (especially since they're beating my Padres this week), I don't really know a lot of them, and there's not a lot of draw for me to click over onto Facebook. Personally, I'm starting to hate Fb because my family is super-political and always bashing Obama on it. I didn't vote for the guy either, but they need to chill out. But anyways, that's just my situation. I wouldn't mind seeing the whole things back on the blog, but I don't think that I'm one to take advice from on blog-ideas.