Thursday, May 17, 2012

Trade List Thursday

I had to pick up a few things at Wal-Mart the other night so I did my obligatory glance at the card section. I noticed they had some Bowman blasters out so I picked up one of those. And once I saw a single lonely Gypsy Queen box left, I went all in on that one too.

The GQ wasn't a horrible decision because I did fill a couple holes in my set, added a few things to the trade list and pulled an autograph of Randall Delgado (available, see photo below). Probably didn't get $20 in card value even with the autograph but I've learned to chalk up opening the packs as $5-10 in entertainment value as well. At least that's what I tell myself.

On to Bowman. When it comes to card design, I'm a big fan of less is more so I'm not afraid to say I like the base and gold cards. I've never been a fan of chrome cards and the blaster box featured 2 per pack so I ended up with a dozen or so. Highlights for me were a Paul Hoilman 1st Bowman Chrome Card, a Starlin Castro Gold parallel card and a Kolten Wong autograph (available, see photo below). I also pulled a Bryce Harper Chrome and Ian Desmond Gold parallel but my older son swiped those before I could scan them. Overall, two blasters, two autographs, not too shabby.

Autographs, both available for trade:
Kolten Wong (Cardinals, sticker) Randall Delgado (Braves, on card)

Miscellaneous inserts from Bowman, gold parallels and Bowman's Best

I didn't scan any of the chrome except for the Hoilman because they don't show up anyway but I did add what I have to my Trade List. Check the tab above.

I don't think I'll pursue any more Bowman except for Cubs (for me) and Nationals (my sons) team sets so let me know if you're looking for any base cards too.

Today's ATCRCS card of the day over on Facebook: Lloyd McClendon

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