Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sandberg Sunday - 1987 Rack Packs

I don't remember opening a whole lot of cello or rack packs back in the day. I tended to buy most of my cards one wax pack at a time. While the pack searchers of the day certainly weren't carrying scales to see which packs had hits, you almost never saw the rack packs with future Hall of Famers just sitting on the shelf. Plus the only inserts were shown right on the front in the form of those All-Star Commemorative cards. My first packs of cards were in 1985 but 1987 is the first set I remember trying to complete.

I'm not sure where exactly I picked these packs up but I vaguely remember getting at least one at a card show about 7-8 years ago. I do remember consciously buying these for my Ryne Sandberg collection with the intent to keep them unopened. I'm pretty sure I have more somewhere from other years and brands but these are the first I've come across as I've been organizing my collection. I didn't notice until I went to scan them in that one has a barcode on the front and the other has it on the back. No idea what that means, if anything, but the UPC number is the same.

Sorry collectors of Luis Quinones, Juan Nieves, and Mark Portugal but these rack packs from 1987 are not for sale.

I did not scan the backs of the packs but for those who are curious, the top pack shows Cory Snyder (Topps All-Star Rookie!), Ed Lynch (Cubs!) and Orel Hershiser (future Cy Young award winner!).

And not only does the bottom rack pack feature two (2!) Ryne Sandberg cards, the back middle card is the Chicago Cubs Team Leaders card! I'm not 100% sure but if I remember correctly, the front of that card featured Steve Trout and the Penguin, Ron Cey. The other two cards were Glen Braggs and Darryl Strawberry.

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