Friday, May 11, 2012

ATCRCS: First Pitch Friday - CM Punk

I grew up watching WWF wrestling in the 80's and somewhere along the way it fell to the wayside. In the last 90's and early 00's it became popular again, rebranded WWE. While I didn't order the pay per views or make it appointment television each week, I did somewhat follow the storylines which wasn't very hard even if you did miss a week or two. Skip ahead a few years, the hype had died down again (probably when The Rock left to become a "real" actor) but lately I've been seeing a lot of shirts and ads again. My sons watch it occasionally so I am familiar with some of the newer guys although not so much the storylines.

Then this past Tuesday, I tune in to WGN for the Cubs game and see CM Punk throwing out the first pitch and then later in the game, singing Take Me Out to the Ballgame. Here is this week's First Pitch Friday ATCRCS card:

I know that Punk has thrown out a first pitch before so I changed the wording on the back to read Cubs Appearance rather than Cubs Debut. If anybody knows where I can find a listing of ceremonial first pitches for Wrigley Field, I would greatly appreciate it. I'm sure there are many local guys or former Cubs that have done it multiple times and would love to have some kind of comprehensive list.

Here's a short clip of the pitch:

And a video of the 7th inning stretch:

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