Thursday, May 24, 2012

Trade List Thursday - Archives

Sorry for the delay, forgot to "publish" the post!

As some of you may know, I'll be doing a case break of 2012 Topps Archives this weekend. It is scheduled to be delivered by the end of the day Thursday (today). As with the Gypsy Queen, I sold almost all of the teams, with someone buying a handful of the remaining teams as trade bait (or maybe just a better shot at winning the randomizer if I'm lucky enough to pull one of the 1/1 non-team associated hits). The only teams not eligible to win with the randomizer will be the Cubs (my team), the Nats (my son's team) and the Padres. After looking over the checklist, the Padres were the only team I did not sell. Their checklist consists of two base cards, no inserts. And their base cards? Heath Bell and Mat Latos, neither of whom are even with the team anymore! Ouch!

Anyway, in anticipation of the break I picked up 2 blasters of Archives to familiarize myself with the product. I wanted to make sure I knew what I was pulling during the actual break because I'm still embarassed I didn't realize I pulled a 1/1 printing plate in the GQ break last month. I've looked over the checklist and looked at my cards so I'm fairly confident I won't do that again. Unless I get one of those unassociated hits and then who knows what will happen!

The blaster yielded me 89/200 base cards plus 20 dupes. I figure I may as well collect this one too. The dupes are listed on the trade page and I'll get my needs page up this weekend once I add in my Cubs and Nats pulls from the case break. I did pull 4 high number SPs that I will be keeping as well but the inserts below are available:

Cloth Stickers: Carew, Jeter, Verlander, Morgan

1968 Sticker Sandoval & Lincecum, Gold Parallels Andrus & Lind

Classic Combos - Lincecum & Mays

1968 Topps 3D - Clemente & Kemp (the white spot to the right of his right hand is a ding in the 3d-ness)

I'm almost kind of glad nothing in these blasters blew me away. I was on a little bit of a hot streak with 3 autographs in my last four blasters so hopefully this "cool streak" bodes well for the case break!

Today's ATCRCS card of the day over on Facebook:

Joe Garagiola

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  1. I would love to trade for all of these minus the gold parallels. I am building these insert sets. Drop me a note if they atestill available and hopefully we can work out a trade.