Monday, May 21, 2012

Mailday Monday - Dimwit & Kelleher

First of all I want to thank Sam over at The Daily Dimwit. We completed a trade this week in a Gypsy Queen exchange so when he received my package he plugged this here blog to send a bunch of new readers my way. So welcome to everybody who discovered my little slice of the interwebs over the weekend! Updated daily at Noon, EST.

So the mail this week brought Dimwit's package. There were a few Cubs for me and a couple of Nats card for my sons. So many different parallels in GQ but knocked out a few for each team set. Always excited to add some new Ryne Sandberg cards. The first card is numbered to 599 and the second is a mini Straight Cut parallel. Now that I have one for the Sandberg collection, still need one of each for the team set.

Couple more Cubs inserts. Ernie Banks regular mini. Starlin Castro Sliding Stars mini.

I don't see a defensive player but Castro doesn't look very confident in his slide.

I normally wouldn't include Nats cards on the blog but since they came as part of this great trade, I'll show them. First, a trio of Ryan Zimmerman minis. A regular mini, a Straight Cut mini and a photo variation:

Three more minis, a Gypsy Queen back Ian Desmond, black Ian Desmond and a black Michael Morse:

Thanks again Sam!

Also in the mail this week was my return package I had sent out to ethannoah over at SCN. He had offered some help with getting Yankee autographs when they visited his hometown Royals. Probably because of their popularity, but Yankees are notoriously tough signers. Don't panic, I didn't want any actual current Yankee players, but rather some former Cubs players and current Yankees coaches. I sent ATCRCS cards for Joe Giradi (manager), Mike Harkey (bullpen coach) and Mick Kelleher (1st base coach) as well as a couple of Topps issues for Harkey and Kelleher.

True to reputation, Ethan didn't have much luck with the Yankees but he did manage to get two Topps cards signed by Kelleher. He wouldn't sign the ATCRCS card, presumably because it is unlicensed. I had run into this excuse myself with a minor leaguer but I won't give up!

He signed a 1980 and 1981 Topps cards and added his #20, which he wore during his time with the Cubs, to the signature.

Thanks Ethan!

Today's ATCRCS card of the day: George Altman

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