Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sandberg Sunday - Absolute Memorabilia

During my time working at bookstores and libraries, I had an uncanny ability to remember book titles, covers and authors to find the customer exactly what they were looking for. Not quite a photographic memory but very handy when it came to work. I'd like to think this skill came from card collecting as a kid and young adult. Along with organizing all my cards (by number, by team, alphabetically), years of "got it, got it, need it, got it" while flipping through stacks of cards at the local card shops and shows became one of the unsung life skills that was finally paying off in the "real world".

Oh the simplicity of collecting before the 2000's. I used to know immediately whether or not I had a Ryne Sandberg card in my collection because if I had seen it before, I had it. As I catalogue my Ryne Sandberg collection my skill has been a double edged sword. Parallel numbered issues are the bane of my existence. Multiple parallel numbered issues in a rainbow of colors are the devil. My developing checklist will be ever so important in the future because for the first time, I came across a piece in my collection that I have absolutely no memory of buying or even seeing before. This ironically named Absolute Memorabilia framed piece:

It's from 2002 which was right around the time where an American flag was featured in just about everything. You may not be able to tell from the photo but in the bottom right hand corner (apparently I should have dusted this better before scanning), this piece is numbered 40/50. I believe these were a one-per-box insert for the product but I'm pretty sure I would never have been lucky enough to buy a box and pull a Sandberg. Which means it either came from eBay or a LCS. I really like the idea behind the piece (limited edition, autographed, some patches even if they weren't game used) but the execution of the framing leaves a lot to be desired.

There is a Certificate of Authenticity tucked into the back of the frame which has matching holographic stickers on both the frame backing and certificate. It bothers me that I have no recollection of acquiring this but there was a small window in which I temporarily re-entered the hobby and this was right about then. And if any other pieces of Sandberg or Cubs memorabilia want to secretly find their way into my collection, I won't complain.  It doesn't even have to be limited to 50 because I'm not that picky,

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  1. "Multiple parallel numbered issues in a rainbow of colors are the devil." I'm glad that I'm not the only one that thinks so.