Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tab Tuesday

Small tab update today but I'm working on something bigger for next week's Tab Tuesday post.

As I mentioned yesterday, I made a trade over the weekend so I have removed a few things from my Trade List. I know some of these pages are still a work in progress so I will update them as soon as I can.

The Archives case break is coming up fast so let me know if you are interested in any of the remaining teams. I would be willing to make some deals on multiple team purchases so check out the tab to see who is left.

I've also decided, for now, to move my ATCRCS card of the day feature to the Facebook page. My original plan for the blog was to be a place to showcase this collection. However, I have come to realize I have much more than in my collection than just these to talk about and still wanted a place where I could prominently display these cards. I will link to the FB page at the end of a post when I have loaded a new photo so you don't miss any or you can "Like" the FB page and get the updates in your newsfeed.

If you disagree with this decision and would rather see them on the blog, let me know. Today's card of Bob Dernier is already posted so check it out here.

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