Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wantlist Wednesday - Now with more Wants!

With all the readers Dimwit sent my way this past weekend, a few new trading partners emerged as well. The initial burst was a little overwhelming with making sure I still had what I said I did and needing what I still said I needed but I think I have responded to everyone. I have piles of cards that I'll package up tonight and mail out Thursday morning. Thanks for your patience.

As promised yesterday, I have added my Bowman needs to my Want List. Also looking for any extra Cubs from the set, parallels and all. I made a strikethrough notation for any cards I have made arrangements for and deleted any cards that have arrived from trades. After posting my Kerry Wood McFarlane figure last Saturday, I decided I'd like to add the rest of the Cubs McFarlanes (unsigned) to the collection. If you have any, loose or packaged, let me know. I would prefer loose but in good condition to reduce shipping costs since I'm going to open them anyway. I do have all three variations of the Ryne Sandberg as well as the regular Kerry Wood.

I also scanned in a couple of the Tony Campana cards and posted them in the TCPC tab. Nothing you haven't seen before, just the base, diamond anniversary and cognac from the 2011 Topps Update set. More scans to follow as I continue my quest to be organized. Since I don't have any other photos today, and to save you a click, here they are:

Today's ATCRCS card of the day over on Facebook:

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