Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tab Tuesday

As you may have noticed, for today's Tab Tuesday update, the Desert Shield tab now has yesterday's additions and I have also added a new tab. On the heels of my 2 box Gypsy Queen Break I did last month, I will be doing a full case of Topps Archives later this month. This has been listed on sportscollectors.net for a little while but there are still some good teams so check out the details in the tab. Keep in mind that because it is a full case (10 boxes), the prices are a little higher than normal.

Yesterday, I featured former Cub and current National Mark DeRosa for the ATCRCS card of the day. I thought I'd follow that trend today with 2 (yes, 2fer Tuesday!) more cards that meet that criteria. Here are Chad Tracy and Tom Gorzelanny:

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  1. I like Tom although my wife and I did nickname him, Beaver.