Monday, May 28, 2012

Updates, New Box Break?

*Sorry for all the following words with no accompanying pictures! Not doing this post from my regular computer.*

So I wasn't at home nearly as much you may have believed this weekend. I did the break and scanned the cards pretty early Saturday morning. I wrote the posts, which if you look closely, they were templated so I just cut and paste, switched out names and photos and then scheduled them for hourly publishing. Meanwhile I was uploading the videos to Youtube. Not to say it wasn't a lot of work, it was. Just that it was a whole lot of work in a couple of hours. Why the rush?

I went on a Boy Scout campout this weekend, from Saturday afternoon to early Sunday evening. I did see most of the comments and questions this weekend from my phone but it's a pain to answer that way so I will try to respond to everyone sometime today. I also have to finish packaging up everybody's cards so they can be dropped off on my to work tomorrow.

I'll admit, I took a bit of financial hit with this break. It wasn't the smartest set to try to break as a case. Several teams were heavily favored in the checklist and even though I staggered the prices to try make it more balanced, the incomplete checklist didn't help. I did sell a couple of teams in the last couple of days at a discounted price to avoid a larger financial hit but looking back, I kind of regret that. I should have first offered to those already involved the break because it gave that person an unfair advantage for anything that would possibly be randomized. I learn something new each time I do a break. So if its a lot of work and a lot of upfront money I might not get back, why keep doing it?

It's fun! I love opening packs. It's been great getting to know more people through my blog and recently as I've opened packs for myself, I've found myself thinking I know who would like that card when I pull a good one. My two previous breaks were done almost exclusively through Now that I've been blogging very consistently for several weeks, I'd like to open it up to this new community of friends. I'm not offering it up just yet, but I'd like to put out some feelers to see it there is enough interest in doing a 3 Hobby Box break of 2012 Topps Series 2. I believe this checklist is a lot more evenly distributed so I will set the prices regardless of team. 

Check out the poll on the right which closes Friday at noon, EST. Release date is Wednesday the 6th, with the break happening that upcoming weekend. Would operate much the same as this one, update posts, video links once they're done, etc. Just trying to find a fair way to distribute teams. Majority rules. 

Please answer the poll but if you have any comments or questions that don't involve laying claim to a team, feel free to leave them. Let me know!

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